Are Minority Students Under-Represented in Special Education?
The Decline of the Urban Black Teacher
Creating College Culture in Urban High Schools
Stemonomics: A STEM Crisis for Blacks and Latinos

The STEM workforce crisis in America is not about open jobs and unqualified workers. In a longform analysis, teachers, researchers and non-profit leaders make the case that America must open the STEM doors to Black and Latino youth. – Read More »
Ending Poverty’s College Barriers

Bowen High School alumnus Darryl Warr was shot twice on the streets of Chicago's south side. Some might say he's an unlikely candidate to go to college. Nia Abdullah disagrees. – Read More »
The Mathematics of Urban Poverty

Is stealing ever moral? A student-teacher builds ethical discussions based on math to discuss theft in the context of Hurricane Katrina and urban poverty. – Read More »
The Dilemma over Dialect

Researcher Nicole Koonce makes a compelling case that student dialect should be used in a strengths-based approach to language education and no longer viewed as a deficit or special education challenge. – Read More »
In Defense of Standardized Tests (With Some Blame)

Score reporting to parents and teachers that does not take into account academic complexity has created a firestorm over standardized tests, says new research from the Center for Urban Education Leadership. Tests actually may have value to improve student learning. – Read More »
Op-Ed: Chicago’s Mayor-Appointed Board Doesn’t Make the Grade

Research indicates appointed school boards are no more efficient than elected school boards, but parent participation in school decision-making declines with appointed boards. The Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education calls for an elected board for Chicago. – Read More »
The Second Second Language Battle

Chicago's immigrant population from China's Ganghzou Province features Taiwanese, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers. The battle to learn English begins in the early childhood classroom. – Read More »
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