Stemonomics: A STEM Crisis for Blacks and Latinos
The Mathematics of Urban Poverty
Ending Poverty's College Barriers
The Dilemma over Dialect

Researcher Nicole Koonce makes a compelling case that student dialect should be used in a strengths-based approach to language education and no longer viewed as a deficit or special education challenge. – Read More »
In Defense of Standardized Tests (With Some Blame)

Score reporting to parents and teachers that does not take into account academic complexity has created a firestorm over standardized tests, says new research from the Center for Urban Education Leadership. Tests actually may have value to improve student learning. – Read More »
Op-Ed: Chicago’s Mayor-Appointed Board Doesn’t Make the Grade

Research indicates appointed school boards are no more efficient than elected school boards, but parent participation in school decision-making declines with appointed boards. The Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education calls for an elected board for Chicago. – Read More »
Special Ed Squall

In 2013, Chicago Public Schools reported a staggering 349 unfilled special education teacher positions and an improved but still challenging 243 openings in 2014. A longform analysis of the toll on children and the plans underway to reverse this trend. – Read More »
Making Math Meaningful to Urban Students

Jasmine Juarez is countering the notion that Latina/o students are not interested in STEM education and career fields by proving that student interest needs to be carefully cultivated by teachers. – Read More »
Early Childhood: A Special Ed Entrance

An IEP can stick with a child for life. Early childhood special education teachers share their thoughts on the challenges of diagnosing and providing special education needs at the youngest levels. – Read More »
Secondary Special Education: The Urban Challenges

CPS high school case managers take in students with IEPs from around the city and are charged with ensuring diagnoses from years ago are accurate and appropriate. – Read More »
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