Language Learning for STEM Education

A U.S. Department of Education grant project is proving that curriculum built on students’ funds of knowledge, particularly language skills, can increase student engagement and performance in science, technology, engineering and mathematics classrooms. – Read More »
Creating College Culture in Urban High Schools

As principal at Chicago’s George Washington High School, Kevin Gallick is building a college-going hub by transforming community expectations about education and careers after high school. – Read More »
Stemonomics: A STEM Crisis for Blacks and Latinos

The STEM workforce crisis in America is not about open jobs and unqualified workers. In a longform analysis, teachers, researchers and non-profit leaders make the case that America must open the STEM doors to Black and Latino youth. – Read More »
Ending Poverty’s College Barriers

Bowen High School alumnus Darryl Warr was shot twice on the streets of Chicago’s south side. Some might say he’s an unlikely candidate to go to college. Nia Abdullah disagrees. – Read More »
Can iPads close the digital divide?

iPads and digital apps are bringing new tools for teaching literacy into the urban classroom. A longform analysis of the efficacy of digital technology in closing the literacy gap for urban students. – Read More »
An Oasis in an Autism Desert

A diagnosis of autism in a child can be stunning for a parent. The UIC Center for Literacy’s Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays is equipping parents with tools to boost their child’s learning potential and to navigate complex special education environments. – Read More »
Public School Closings: The New Urban Migration?

Should students attend school in their own neighborhood, or should parents seek the best educational opportunity wherever it exists? College faculty, students and alumni explore the meaning of space and place in America’s schools. – Read More »
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