Are Minority Students Under-Represented in Special Education?

A study from Penn State University indicated racial, ethnic, and language minority students are under-represented in special education services, contrary to a vast amount of research stating the exact opposite. An analysis of the causes of confusion and why perception of under-representation might actually be over-representation. – Read More »
The Decline of the Urban Black Teacher

The proportion of Black teachers in Chicago Public Schools has declined from 40 percent to 23 percent over the last 15 years. One researcher argues the problem has nothing to do with teacher candidates and everything to do with how the inequities of urban public schools socialize Black youth and teens away from the profession. – Read More »
Op-Ed: Chicago’s Mayor-Appointed Board Doesn’t Make the Grade

Research indicates appointed school boards are no more efficient than elected school boards, but parent participation in school decision-making declines with appointed boards. The Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education calls for an elected board for Chicago. – Read More »
Op-Ed: Analyzing Early Childhood Funding

Catherine Main calls for a focus on strengthening leadership from the 3% budget boost towards early childhood spending in Illinois. – Read More »
Op-Ed: Supporting a Difficult Transition

By now, the switching of schools is complete for CPS students. The challenge for teachers, administrators and parents, argues the College’s Aerika Brittian, is to build successful supports for the lingering effects of this transition. – Read More »
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