Creating Calm Communities

Pilot programs in Chicago Public School classrooms seek to use mindfulness techniques, nature videos and group discussions to mitigate the harmful effects of urban trauma in schools. – Read More »
The Mathematics of Urban Poverty

Is stealing ever moral? A student-teacher builds ethical discussions based on math to discuss theft in the context of Hurricane Katrina and urban poverty. – Read More »
The Dilemma over Dialect

Researcher Nicole Koonce makes a compelling case that student dialect should be used in a strengths-based approach to language education and no longer viewed as a deficit or special education challenge. – Read More »
In Defense of Standardized Tests (With Some Blame)

Score reporting to parents and teachers that does not take into account academic complexity has created a firestorm over standardized tests, says new research from the Center for Urban Education Leadership. Tests actually may have value to improve student learning. – Read More »
Challenging CPS’ Closing Count

How CPS’s initial count of students impacted by school closings was mis-estimated by 42%, with special education students particularly misrepresented. – Read More »
A Court Case on Closings

Pauline Lipman advised a U.S. federal court on what research reveals about school closings–and now is leading an ambitious undertaking to better understand the aftermath of CPS closures. – Read More »
Strengthening STEM Learning for Black Students

Why reinforcing strong identities as math and science learners is nearly as important as curriculum itself for African American learners. – Read More »
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