Global Challenges Come to the Classroom

The College’s GlobalEd 2 project is boosting science, writing and critical thinking skills through an innovative curriculum positioning students as global decision-makers. – Read More »
Language Learning for STEM Education

A U.S. Department of Education grant project is proving that curriculum built on students’ funds of knowledge, particularly language skills, can increase student engagement and performance in science, technology, engineering and mathematics classrooms. – Read More »
Urban Teens Demand Environmental Justice

When race, socioeconomic status and pollution collide in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, providing teens with the tools to investigate the extent and impact of pollution empowers community change. – Read More »
Stemonomics: A STEM Crisis for Blacks and Latinos

The STEM workforce crisis in America is not about open jobs and unqualified workers. In a longform analysis, teachers, researchers and non-profit leaders make the case that America must open the STEM doors to Black and Latino youth. – Read More »
The Mathematics of Urban Poverty

Is stealing ever moral? A student-teacher builds ethical discussions based on math to discuss theft in the context of Hurricane Katrina and urban poverty. – Read More »
Making Math Meaningful to Urban Students

Jasmine Juarez is countering the notion that Latina/o students are not interested in STEM education and career fields by proving that student interest needs to be carefully cultivated by teachers. – Read More »
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