Transport is one of the most
important element of the city concept. It consumes a large amount of energy to
operate and mainly fossil fuel is used for production. Today, the whole world
faces social, economic and environmental challenges that require governments to
change vision and focus more on sustainable transportation system. A system
that includes walkable roads, bicycle lanes and better territorial planning.
Green city concept not only increases people’s quality of life and preserves
environment, it also has economic benefit in terms of foreign investments and

Kutaisi has very ineffective transportation
system. The city doesn’t have municipal transport enterprise. Private
organizations have permission for regular city routes. City Hall of Kutaisi
Municipality has transportation division which supervises transportation in the
city. So called- transport service control group is responsible for permission
and violation monitoring. Positive dynamics of the population of Kutaisi raised
the demand for public transport. That’s why improvement in current transportation
system and inclusion of sustainability become one of the most important goals of
local government. Currently, there are 230 privately owned cars per 1000
people, which is approximately twice lower than figures of Western European
cities, though increase in number of private vehicles has been observed lately (SEAP
2014). In Kutaisi like in other parts of Georgia, citizens prefer to have big,
inefficient vehicles. And for these reasons GHG emissions’ rate in the city has
upward trend.

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Kutaisi has poor transportation
fee paying system. The fee currently is paid directly to the drivers by cash.
This system has many disadvantages such as difficulties in terms of passengers
count, increased parking time, schedule violation, traffic delays and etc.
Moreover, because drivers have to do cash payments, they can’t adequately
supervise people’s safe boarding.


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