For ‘to be the top provider of state of

For our business
plan we are choosing the B2B and B2C segment for our services. We would like to
target the e-commerce business model that is of online business store. The
reason for choosing this model is considering present Indian healthcare
scenarios there is widespread exploitation of patients and their kins by
corporate and private hospitals, thus this products which are life saving for
patients, can be brought either directly or through hospitals/institutions. The
future or next business stage is to focus on small business centers.

The printer
required for such business proposals are SLS or Jet Wax Printer.

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The business
mission statement will be ‘to be the top provider of state of the art 3d
printed healthcare products for indian patients’.


The business
vision statement will be ‘to save customer’s life using the power of 3d
printing and keep spreading happiness’.


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