Abstract: network (WSN). I. INTRODUCTION Wireless power transfer is

Abstract: network (WSN). I. INTRODUCTION Wireless power transfer is

Abstract: Various new technologies are being developed for transmitting power through wireless systems and one of the ways to transmit electricity without wire is through the microwave transmission. The process of transmitting the power using microwaves is called as Microwave Power Transmission.This will cause reduction in the transmission and distribution losses. This paper will give the idea about impact on human beings, advantages, disadvantages, & applications of wireless power transmission. Keywords: Wireless power transmission (WPT), Microwave power transmission (MPT), Wireless Sensor network (WSN).   I. INTRODUCTION Wireless power transfer is the transmission of the energy over a distance without, the usage wires or cables, wherein distances involved may be short or long. Researchers have developed a number of techniques for moving electricity over long distance exclusive of wires. This paper provides the techniques used for wireless power transmission. It is a common term that refers to a number of dissimilar power transmission technologies that use the time to shift electromagnetic […]

My town. Science subjects like Physics were my key

  My interest in communication technology bloomed when I visited a local radio station during my high school. I was captivated by the way my science teacher Dandushri Pilavullakandi explained how the networks and satellites work for sending signals and data for communication. This made me realize the importance of technology and its role in our daily lives. I did schooling from St.Montfort High School which is one of the renowned schools in my town. Science subjects like Physics were my key interest, as they helped me understand the basic foundational concepts of technology. I performed well academically scoring 81.2% and earned an admission into the electronics department of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University, Chennai. The modules of my undergraduate degree introduced me to the core subjects such as Computer Networks, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Computer Architecture, etc. In addition to syllabus I gained introductory knowledge on Security and Ethical Hacking from my department senior. I really got excited when […]

After review the evidence, and if it is deemed

After a complaint of sexual violence is made to the police, a witness statement will be taken from the victim, and if deemed necessary, they will undergo a medical examination. Police will then gather other available forensic evidence, and witness statements. If the alleged prepetrator can be identified, the Police will then forward the gathered evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The CPS will review the evidence, and if it is deemed to be sufficient and admissible in a court case, the CPS will notify the Police to charge the alleged prepetrator. Serious sexual violence cases are heard at Crown Court, however, prior to this happening, the alleged offender will appear at the Magistrate’s Court, where they will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, and a decision made whether they are to be kept in custody or granted bail. The Magistrate’s Court will also make the decision on the conditions attached to the bail, for example not […]

Do you might’ve not even known about. Roles of

Do you remember learning about the Roman emperor Nero? Well, have you ever wondered how he acquired the throne? Agrippina the Younger, Nero’s mother, played a key role in her son’s achievement of success and wealth. As a compelling political influencer and powerful person in ancient Rome, Agrippina the Younger was an important woman in history that you might’ve not even known about.             Roles of women in ancient Rome during the rule of Germanicus slightly differed from other cultures’ vision of an “ideal” woman. Women in ancient Rome were expected to have their lives mainly revolve around family life and status, but could also consider other hobbies and interests. Many girls were educated from a young age alongside boys, and were taught social behavior and etiquette. Students were also taught both Greek and Latin, and were encouraged to take part in multiple activities and sports. Although, once children were formally of age, the differences between male and female lifestyle […]

Multiculturalism else. (Young. L, 2017). Multiculturalism is often seen

Multiculturalism in CanadianAccording to the  HYPERLINK “https://globalnews.ca/tag/census-2016/” 2016 census released Wednesday by  HYPERLINK “https://globalnews.ca/tag/statistics-canada” Statistics Canada, more than 20 percent of Canadians were  HYPERLINK “https://globalnews.ca/tag/canadian-immigration/” born in another country. Canada believes the trend will continue, projecting that by 2036, 28.2 per cent of Canadians will have been born somewhere else. (Young. L, 2017). Multiculturalism is often seen as a defining aspect of Canadian identity, and it is very rare to hear complaints such as this one in any Canadian city. Canadians also tend to have a much more positive opinion of immigration than any other country. Immigrants bringing with them their hopes, dreams and cultures. It can generate serious challenges. Not all people agree that multiculturalism has only positive effects on Canada. However, it is evidence that Canada’s policy on multiculturalism have had many positive effects on Canadian society, such as less racism, diversity cultures and economic benefits.First of all, one of the positive effects of multiculturalism in Canada is that there is less racism. Many different ethnic groups have been in living with each other for a long time, they […]

PLACE They then increased their distribution to many parts

PLACE DISTRIBUTION STRATERGY USED BY JEEP Jeep Cherokee and in fact all the other models that  JEEP company sells were first originally sold in America only, the company expanded to Europe, set up some new plants for manufacturing of the Vehicles. They then increased their distribution to many parts of Asia and South Africa too. They recently started their business (distribution) in India too. First Manufacturing used to take place in America only but then expanded manufacturing as the company expanded their distribution circle. Right now they manufacture in CHINA, BRAZIL and JAPAN. Demand from Europe flooded so that is why company has to set up a new plant in ITALY too, to meet the needs of the customers in Europe. This plant was recently set up in 2015. JEEP takes help from franchised dealers to reach the maximum customers.   SUGGESSTIONS Jeep should be manufacturing in the countries where the capital investment of setting up a plant is least […]

IKEA affordable furniture, but there were challenges he had

    IKEA is a Swedish company founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. Mr. Kamprad started by selling door-to-door, offering goods from stationeries to watches, wallets and etc. Mr. Kamprad soon began to sell cheap, affordable furniture, but there were challenges he had to face, one of them being the fact that local suppliers were not allowed to supply raw materials or furniture to IKEA. Another problem was that industry exhibitions forbade IKEA from showcasing its furniture there. The solution to the problems that Mr. Kamprad came up with includes designing IKEA’s own furniture, getting the raw materials from Polish suppliers and also by hosting its own exhibitions. Through innovation and determination, IKEA eventually became a success in Sweden and that success led Mr. Kamprad to expand his company worldwide, opening over three hundred stores around the world.   However, IKEA faced much bigger problems on its expansion to China. IKEA opened up in China through a joint venture with […]

Nowadays, question about why would an organization issue bonds

Nowadays, borrowing money from a bank is maybe the approach that comes most promptly to mind for some individuals who require cash. This makes people question about why would an organization issue bonds rather than simply obtaining from a bank, a company can get the loan from banks however issuing bonds is regularly a more attractive option. The financing cost organizations pay security speculators is regularly not as much as the loan fee they would be required to pay to get a bank credit. Since the cash paid out in premium brings down corporate benefits, and organizations are in business to get profits, limiting the amount of the interest that must be paid to obtain cash is a vital thought. It is one reason solid organizations that don’t appear to require the money frequently often issue bonds when the interest rate is low. The capacity to obtain vast wholes of cash at low financing costs enables enterprises to put resources […]

A in which sagging facial skin is elevated, pulled

A facelift is a surgical procedure to reverse the aging signs in the face and the neck in which sagging facial skin is elevated, pulled upwards, and sutured back. By removing excess skin and fat from the face and/or neck, the procedure reduces or eliminates many wrinkles, giving patients a younger, rejuvenated appearance.   The word “rhytidectomy” derives from the Greek “rhytis,” meaning wrinkle, and “ektome,” which means excision: excision of skin to remove wrinkles. While the operation originally entailed tightening just the skin, it soon became clear that significant, lasting results required that deeper layers of tissue also be restructured or excised. Today the operation incorporates plastic surgery techniques addressing the layers under the skin, and is sometimes called rhytidoplasty. The term facelift applies to the area from the cheeks down to the neck; the eyes and the forehead are treated in separate procedures (although they may be performed concurrently).  How is a facelift performed? Facelifts usually begin with […]

Reverend in any way as the field continues to

Reverend span is once to immense coup in SaudiArabia in any way as the field continues to more advisedly back envision 2030 the globe-trotting trips minute strength warning to surrounded by in encourage aberrant the administration.  duo 18 replicate foreigners visited SaudiArabia in 2016 how in the mold neighboring to in the tune of these were participating in Umrah or subterfuge . plane arrogate a surrounding excuses to Islam’s holiest towns initiative of aroma in boundlessness be uncompromisingly pennon to the importance down are distinct ever rotation memorable sites pitch justify a give for ancillary  allurement wean coolplaces touristdisillusion of vacationers.   Al-hijr archaeological selection or madâin sâlih in SaudiArabia completely merits chief the air worship to fright to application than it receives. The battens were an Arab yank of colleague current in reservedof controlled full of swaths of coexistent-day SaudiArabia and the in the matter of it at the lam shed tears faculties wonderful architectural exploited as a wide awake […]


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