Report: identify existing software inspection techniques or methods which

Report: identify existing software inspection techniques or methods which

Report: Software Quality Inspections In Comparison with Software Testing Abstract Software inspection and testing plays essential and significant role in software quality assurance. In this literature will discuss why we need testing and inspections and what the process of these methodologies are. Inspecting and testing both are valid with in verification and validation. As we know the basic theme of these two process is to provide a quality product. By applying these two in the right time we can save money, time and efforts as well. But while applying and making decision we must have an idea about the strength and weaknesses of testing and inspection as if it can help to resolve the 45% of the development efforts dedicated in modifying defects. In this report we will discuss the role and importance of inspection in comparison with testing in software quality assurance.1, 2 Introduction Inspections are the important tool for quality assurance. Since this was presented by Fagan at […]

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                                                      Forensic Science Students Name Course code                     Forensic Science Forensic science has become part of human life today. It has been critical in solving major crimes all over the world which would have seen the perpetrators walk free while the victims losing out in their quest to finding justice. One name that comes up whenever the terms forensic science appear is Sherlock Holmes. However, most people do not realize that all the stories affiliated with Holmes are fictional. He was just a character that was used to bring more captivations to the world that is forensic science. That notwithstanding, certain individuals have made great strides in defining forensics. Their contributions to the subject have helped shape it to what it is today. They have provided answers to serious crimes that would have otherwise seen the masterminds not face the rule of law. One of these individuals is […]

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Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster, is a non-fiction novel that chronicles the events of the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster through the eyes of journalist and survivor Jon Krakauer. A relatively seasoned mountaineer, he is part of the ill-fated Adventure Consultant expedition lead by Robert Hall in May of 1996. Krakauer’s account looks back with hindsight at the events that day ultimately leading to disaster; including the leadership that day on the mountain.             Analyzing the Everest tragedy from the perspective of leadership, we see the theory of situational leadership in practice (Northouse, p.93). Situational leadership theory argues that different situations call for different types of leadership, and as the novel outlines, the extreme conditions and dangers of high altitude climbing, where individuals need to push themselves beyond endurance, would demand situational leadership (Northouse, p.93). Rob Hall the guide and owner of Adventure Consultants demonstrates an exemplary situational leadership. He exercises both directive leadership by […]

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  1  Porter’s Five Forces And How It Relates to Strategy   Name- Amneet Kaur  Student No.-120715                  Course- Fundamentals of Business College of New Caledonia      PORTER’S FIVE FORCES    2  Introduction Through his model, Porter groups five fundamental focused powers that influence any market and all businesses. It is these powers that decide how much rivalry will exist in a market and thus the productivity and engaging quality of this market for an organization. Through sound corporate methodologies, an organization will plan to shape these powers further bolstering its good fortune to fortify the associations position in the business.  With the end goal of this model, industry appeal is the general productivity capability of the business. An alluring industry will be one where the consolidated energy of the focused powers will build gainfulness potential. While an unattractive industry will be one where the aggregate effect of the powers will drive down benefit potential.  These powers, named as the smaller scale condition by Porter, impact how an organization serves its objective market and […]

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Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable or painful disease or in an irreversible coma. It became legal in Canada, in June 2016 to relieve the suffering of terminally ill adults. Before it was legalized, it was considered a form of culpable homicide. Euthanasia should stay legal in Canada. It gives patients suffering from incurable diseases the choice to die painlessly, it is a doctor’s job to relieve their patient’s pain, even if it affects their life expectancy, and euthanasia should be a natural extension of the patient’s rights.   When suffering from a painful and chronic illness, patients should always have the right to choose a painless, peaceful death. First, when not given the choice of a painless death, patients and their loved ones often take the choice into their own hands. In Voluntary Euthanasia Debate by Justin Healey, Jane Lyons reports on Don and Iris Flounders, “In 2007 Don was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and the following year . . . […]

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Jack ShumskiProfessor VerdeciaFire Technology 10220 November 2017 Physical Principle of a Catapult to The Fire ServiceA catapult does many different things that relate to different physical principles. The big physical principle of the catapult is it uses Newton’s first, second and third law. In fact, also all three of Newton’s law can relate a lot to the fire service and how it operates. This essay will relate the physical principle of the catapult, to Newton’s laws and how it relates to the fire service. It addresses three main ideas: what Newton’s laws are, how Newton laws relate to the catapult and how do Newton’s laws relate to the fire service. This will pinpoint main ideas of the fire service and how Newton’s laws are used every day in the service. Knowing how catapults and Newton’s laws work, could greatly help the fire service in everything it does on the fire ground.Newton’s First Law states that an object will remain at rest […]

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This allows surgeons to practice delicate operations without potentially risking a patient’s life. Along with detailed three-dimensional images of the bodily organs involved in the operation, setups include haptic technology, a tactile feedback system that simulates the pressure exerted by the virtual organs. The result is a sophisticated simulation in which the user can both see and feel the virtual surgery to a realistic  Most virtual surgery procedures utilize a combinan of computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to create an in-depth three-dimensional model of the organ and the patient. The combination of scans allows surgeons to see both the surface and interior of theWith the cadaver becoming a rarity and being considered unethical and impractical the virtual surgery system holdsVIRTUAL SURGERY IN DETAILSpatient’s MRI or video recording, which are 2D images. Images are segmented and constraints are imposed.  like MRI scan ,CT scan the  Organ at all times. Motion sensors attached to the operating tools simulate […]

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“Maurice” written in 1913-1914, but published posthumously, it is a homosexual love story, considered controversial, given that Forster’s homosexuality had not been widely acknowledged.Critics continue to discuss over the extent to which Forster’s sexuality and his personal activites influenced his writing, especially in this book.                                                       “A passage to India” (1924), his last and most controversial novel, brought the greatest success to his life.It is the last completed novel that he published during his lifetime.Acclaimed as his masterpiece, the novel is subtle and rich in symbolism, and works on several levels.It talks about India (a colonial possession of Britain at that time) and about the relations between Indian and British people in this country.A passage to India reveals Forster’s interest in politics and religion aswell.It was written in 1913 and not published until 1924.It is inspired mainly from E.M Forster’s own experience as a temporary resident in India and his contacts with the Indian people and with the British servants, called […]

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Lean management is defined by Daniel et al (1990) as “the practice of using scientific methods to solve business problems in order to create value” Lean management method has certainly become the most successful method to business improvement of this era. It has endured other improvement approaches and been taken up by organisations in all kinds of businesses across the world. According to Torbjorn et al (2016), every large business has some practice of the lean platform or internal lean development and it has established an army of lean experts. The lean philosophy and practice has extended across every sector of activity, from retailing, supplies to distinct and process manufacturing, service and repair, financial services and management, construction, software development and IT, healthcare and service delivery in government. Bank of Botswana is one of those businesses that have also adopted the lean management system through an approach of improving its customer security access control system to the bank. Access control […]

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I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about Blockchain Technology over the weekend. It led me to sit down and write a piece about it.  The airline industry is widely known to be data intense in nature. Its complicated procedures have a lot to gain from the amazing revolution made by Blockchain Technology.Thanks to the usage of a messaging protocol that is widely distributed, blockchains provide shared ledgers that breakdown the reconciliation procedure. The technology is rather different from traditional techniques namely because they are much more durable and consistent. At this point, I can tell you from my own personal experience that the travel industry depends on a number of touchpoints that range from bookings to arrival and I have come to understand that most key players include online travel platforms, government agencies, airlines, card providers, airports, car rentals and more. Each player in this network collects stores and often shares operational information. I have also […]


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