Saree fabric. Generally, natural colors were used to dye



                      Saree is an eternal
outfit which makes a woman bear the dynamic and elegant feel together at a
time. Timeless saree blends with every season, occasion and are always at the peak
of adoration. The comfort and attractiveness of a saree make it a vital ingredient of every woman’s wardrobe. With the
changing time sarees have opted new modern technique keeping Indian legacy intact.
Designers and expert artists have created age-old
ethnic ikkat sarees symbolizing the vibrant personality of contemporary women. And
nothing can be compared with traditional ikkat
cotton sarees which radiate the vibe
of Indian culture and vibrancy. Ikkat
Cotton Sarees are the best attire to give a power-packed
glimpse on your special occasion.


The Antiquity of Ikkat Cotton Sarees

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                   Every ikkat cotton saree spells out a portrayed saga of the royalty. Ikkat is an extravagant dying method
to beautify any silk or cotton saree. The ikkat technique has been created in different
locations across the globe such as West Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia
and South America. The phrase “Ikkat” is derived from Malaya word “mengikat” which means to bind. Ikkat cotton sarees are eye-catching for their unique design, finest
quality texture and a myriad of opulent
hue. Orissa ikkat originated in the 12th
century when expert artists basically from Patan region in Gujarat emigrated to
Orissa and carried forward the artistry. Essentially Orissa ikkat cotton is
created with the core material and ornated using a process called resist dying.
The mechanism starts with the bunch of warp or weft yarns bounded with rubber
bands to resist the action of dying colors. The bunch of yarns is tied to the wooden
structure and dipped in the dye pot. To create a chain of designs, the dying process will be repeated couple of
times. Once the adornment process is completed, and then starts the complex
method of constructing the raw fabric. Generally,
natural colors were used to dye the ikkat cotton sarees but in the current time,
chemical dyes are used considering the demand for
these sarees.

                Traditional ikkat sarees are adorned because of their spectacular motifs
like geometric and fauna patterns. Ancestral motifs are commingled with a geometric grid which is a unique feature of this ensemble. Ikkat is showcased
in three variations:

Single ikkat is the method in which either the warp or the weft yarn is

Next method of ikkat involves both warp and weft
yarn together but in different parts of the saree.

Double ikkat associate both warp and weft yarns bounded
in a specific manner so that when yarns
are woven together at particular points to showcase a complete pattern.

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